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Beretta Firearms

Beretta Firearms

Do you have Beretta firearms for sale such as a 92FS, the PX4 Storm or the Beretta 9mm or are you looking for an online dealer to buy Beretta handguns, shotguns and other firearms?

Midwest Guns is a licensed Beretta Firearms Dealer. We offer new and used Beretta shotguns and handguns for sale plus we also buy used Beretta firearms.

History of Beretta Firearms

Established in early 1500s, Beretta firearms have been around for nearly five centuries. Beretta was not only the first firearms manufacturer in Italy, it also enjoys the reputation as the world’s oldest firearms manufacturer. Beretta has survived as a family run firearms company through 15 generations!

Today, Beretta firearms are being utilized worldwide by law enforcement agencies, security services, the military and by private civilians for personal protection and for sporting and competition events.

New & Used Beretta Shotguns

Our inventory is always changing so please inquire about our selection of Beretta shotguns, which may include:

Field Shotguns Competition Shotguns
Premium Shotguns Home Protection Long Guns
Rifles and Carbines

New & Used Beretta Handguns

From modern handguns to commemorative pistols, ask our gun experts about available Beretta handguns, including:

Pocket Pistols Sub Compact Firearms
Compact Firearms Full Size Beretta Handguns
Revolvers Plinkers (including NEOs)
Beretta 92FS

Beretta 92FS

New & Used Beretta 92FS

Beretta’s 92FS double-single action semi-automatic pistol is often cited as the most trusted and tested personal defense handgun on the market. Beretta 92FS handguns are very reliable and accurate and designated by the US military as the M9. Please inquire about available models.



Beretta NEO's

Beretta NEO’s

New & Used Beretta NEOs

Beretta NEOs (which is Greek for “new”) are .22 caliber handguns that feature cutting-edge modern design. Beretta NEOs can easily be personalized thanks to its unique modular design and construction.



Beretta PX4

Beretta PX4

New & Used Beretta PX4 & PX4 Storm Handguns

Whether you are looking for a compact, a sub-compact or a full size Beretta PX4, our available Beretta PX4 handgun models are always changing and might include the PX4 Storm Type F sub-compact, the PX4 Storm sub-compact and the PX4 Storm Compact 9mm or the full size .45 ACP.

Ask Us About Beretta Firearms for Sale

As a licensed Beretta firearms dealer Midwest Guns can help you buy Beretta handguns and shotguns online at a fair price. Whether you have a Beretta handgun to sell or you are looking to buy Beretta pistols online, our gun professionals can help.

As a licensed firearms dealer Midwest Guns also offers Beretta firearms training classes at our public and private gun range facilities in Lyons Illinois.

For more information about Beretta firearms:

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