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Colt 1911 Firearms

Do you have a Colt 1911 Government Model for sale or are you looking for an online dealer to buy a new or used Colt handgun like the M1911 A1 Colt 45 revolver?

Midwest Guns is a licensed Colt Firearms Dealer. We offer new and used Colt 1911 handguns for sale plus we also buy used Colt firearms.

History of Colt 1911 Firearms

The Colt 1911 (aka the M1911 or the Colt 45) is perhaps the world’s most popular handgun. It was initially created for the US Army, who specifically wanted a new semi-automatic handgun to replace their existing service revolvers.

Named for the year it was developed, Colt 1911 semi-automatic pistols were the brainchild of John M Browning, one of the industry’s most revered firearms designers. Colt 1911 handguns are simple, reliable and highly serviceable, which probably contributed to their popularity and longevity.

In 1926 a newer improved model, the M1911 A1 pistol entered the market and enjoyed unprecedented success for nearly six decades. Colt 1911 handguns have been utilized by the military, law enforcement agencies, personal security personnel and by civilians for personal protection and sport shooting.

Colt eventually sold rights to manufacture Colt 1911 firearms to other firearms manufacturers including Remington and Springfield Armory and as a result, millions of clones have been produced in the past century.

New & Used Colt 1911 Government Model

The original magazine-fed, recoil-operated M1911 is also known as the Colt 1911 Government Model (and sometimes referred to as the Colt Officers Model 1911). This single action 45 ACP Colt firearm can hold up to 7 rounds.

At the request of the US Army, in 1926 Colt improved upon the original M1911 design to include requested changes in the M1911 A1 model such as a shorter trigger and a wider front sight. Colt 1911 45 ÄCP pistols have seen action in practically every major war since WWI.

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