Fireproof Gun Safes

A fireproof gun safe by Liberty, Browning, Remington or Winchester offers a secure environment for the proper storage and protection of your firearms and ammunition.

Proper gun storage in a fireproof gun safe is equally as critical as safe handling of firearms. Fireproof gun safes protect your firearms and accessories against fire and theft and help to keep firearms and ammunition out of unwanted, untrained hands.

Liberty Fireproof Gun Safe

Liberty is the leading manufacturer of fire and theft resistant residential security and gun safes in the United States, offering the broadest line of home, office, commercial and gun safes available from any one company.

Browning Fireproof Gun Safe

Every Browning Pro-steel gun safe has not only met, but has exceeded the requirements of Underwriters Laboratories to receive the U.L. residential Security Container Certification for gun safes.

Remington Fireproof Gun Safe

Meeting the stringent certification standards of Omega Point Laboratories, Remington gun safes protect sensitive contents up to 1200ºF for at least 60 minutes in the Platinum Elite, 45 minutes for Gold Elite and factory certified for 30 minutes on Silver Elite.

Winchester Fireproof Gun Safe

Tough enough to stand up to desperados and dynamite, as well as Underwriters Laboratories and Omega Point Laboratories, a Winchester gun safe features classic design with first rate protection for gun collections and other valuables.

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