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Mossberg Firearms Dealer

Mossberg Firearms Dealer

Do you have a Mossberg 500, 500c, 930 or 930 SPXfirearms for sale or are you looking for an online Mossberg dealer to buy pump-action Mossberg shotguns or rifles?

Midwest Guns is a licensed Mossberg Firearms Dealer. We offer new and used Mossberg shotguns and Mossberg rifles for sale plus we also buy used Mossberg firearms.

History of Mossberg Firearms

Mossberg is the world’s largest manufacturer of pump action shotguns.

From humble beginnings in 1919, when O.F. Mossberg & Sons began producing quality 22 caliber rifles and shotguns, the Mossberg firearms company has enjoyed international stature as a pioneering firearms manufacturer in the sporting firearms market.

  • Mossberg currently holds more than 100 patents for firearms design
  • They were the first long-gun manufacturer to become ISO certified
  • They were the first firearms company to offer “customization” of their firearms products

Mossberg developed many unique and reliable shotguns, rifles and accessories over the years, many of which feature design breakthroughs that have become the standard by which all others are judged.

Thanks to their many innovative products, such as Mossberg scopes, family owned and operated Mossberg firearms has been credited by many historians with changing the way we use rifles and shotguns.



New & Used Mossberg 500 & 500C

In 1961 Mossberg developed the 500 series of pump-action shotguns. Available in 12 gauge and 20 gauge, Mossberg 500 and 500C shotguns were designed for use in dirty conditions such as combat or sport hunting, especially water fowl hunting.

Mossberg’s criterion for the 500 series of shotguns was that they had to be very low maintenance; all gun components must be easy to strip and clean (preferably without tools).

Mossberg 500 shotguns are unique in that the gun barrels are interchangeable between most Mossberg 500 models allowing gun owners to switch gun barrels, depending on the gun owner’s need.

Mossberg 500 “field models” are sporting shotguns used for game, water fowl and other sport hunting. Mossberg 500 “special purpose models” (aka 500s) are designed for use by the military, by law enforcement agencies or for private “self-defense” use.

New & Used Mossberg 500 Tactical

The unique thing about field stripping Mossberg shotguns is that it is very easy to do and requires little if any tools. The Mossberg 500 tactical is no exception. At less than 7 pounds, this 12 gauge semi-automatic, pump action shotgun features a trigger feeding system and 5 +1 magazine capacity.



New & Used Mossberg 930 and 930 SPX

The Mossberg 930 is a great sporting shotgun, while the 930 SPX includes a few more features. The 930 SPX is a self-regulating, gas operated 12 gauge. It is a very light shotgun that can chamber 2.75”and 3”shotgun shells (6+1). The reliable Mossberg 930 SPX is very well balanced with excellent, stock ghost ring sights, yet it remains a very affordable shotgun capable of shooting light loads, reduced recoil tac loads and full powered slugs.

Ask Us About Mossberg Firearms for Sale

As a licensed Mossberg firearms dealer Midwest Guns can help you buy Mossberg 500 and 930 series shotguns online at a fair price. Whether you have a Mossberg 500C to sell or you are looking to buy a home security model, a law enforcement model or a special purpose Mossberg shotgun model online, our gun professionals can help.

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