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Remington Firearms

Do you have Remington guns for sale such as the Remington 700 sniper rifle or are you looking for an online dealer to buy Remington shotguns and other Remington firearms?

Midwest Guns is a licensed Remington Firearms Dealer. We offer new and used Remington shotguns and rifles for sale.

History of Remington Firearms

In 1816 young Eliphalet Remington started his company on the concept of “building a better gun than he could buy”.

In 2016 the Remington Arms Company will celebrate its 200 birthday as a manufacturer of Remington firearms and Remington Ammunition. In fact, Remington Arms is the only firearms manufacturer in the United States that also manufactures ammunition.

The Remington firearms company still operates at the original Ilion site it began production at in 1828 in upstate New York. Remington firearms have enjoyed many innovations over the past two centuries including being the first firearms company to develop the:

  • Hammerless solid breech repeating shotgun
  • Hammerless auto-loading shotgun
  • High-powered slide action repeating rifle
  • Lock breach automatic loading rifle
  • Plastic body shotgun shells (introduced in 1960)

Other Remington Firearms Contributions

During WWI, Remington manufactured firearms for France, Britain and Russia. During WWII, at the request of the US Army, Remington built and operated a total of five ammunition plants for the government.

Then in 1962 Remington introduced one of its most reliable, accurate and successful firearm products, the Remington 700 series of bolt-action sniper rifles. These have been hugely popular with the military, the police and other law enforcement agencies around the world. Remington firearm products can now be purchased in over 55 different countries.


The Remington 870 Wingmaster shotgun, developed in 1956 went on to become the world’s bestselling pump action shotgun.

In 1997 Remington firearms introduced a new gun design with an emphasis on benchmark accuracy and functional reliability; Remington Model 579 rim-fire rifles.

Along with producing Remington shotguns for government, military and law enforcement use, one of Remington’s biggest markets is the hunting and sport shooting industry.

Ask Us About Remington Firearms for Sale

As a licensed Remington firearms dealer Midwest Guns can help you buy Remington 700 series shotguns online at a fair price. Whether you have a Remington 870 Wingmaster shotgun to sell or you are looking to buy Remington firearms and ammunition, our gun experts can help.

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