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Ruger Firearms Dealer

Ruger Firearms Dealer

Do you have a Ruger SR1911, P95, 1022 or any other Ruger arms for sale or are you looking for an online Ruger dealer to buy Ruger shotguns or pistols?

Midwest Guns is a licensed Ruger Firearms Dealer that carries new and used Ruger shotguns and Ruger pistols.

Sturm Ruger & Company, also known as simply Ruger, was founded in 1949. Ruger is one of the largest firearms manufacturers in the United States and all Ruger handguns and shotguns are 100% American made.

As William Ruger himself stated, Ruger firearms are built “to a standard so I would want it even if it was made by our competitors.”

Types of Ruger Firearms

Ruger Firearms Company is one of the top three exporters of American made firearms.

They produce more types of commercial sporting firearms (including high-quality rifles, shotguns and pistols) than any other firearms firm in the world and their products enjoy a wide variety of uses including:

Hunting Target Shooting
Gun Collecting Self Defense
Law Enforcement Government Agencies

Ruger 1022 Rifles

America’s favorite rifle; the Ruger 1022, with its reliable 10-shot rotary magazine, has been around for nearly 5 decades (since 1964).

Ask our Ruger dealer about new and used Ruger 1022 rifles. Our stock is always changing and Ruger firearms are hugely popular.

Ruger .22LR rifles are ideal for small game hunting and target shooting. Ruger makes perfectly balanced 1022 rifles with legendary action including the following models:

1022 Target Rifles 1022 Sporter Rifles
1022 Tactical Rifles 1022 Compact Rifles
1022 Carbine Rifles
Ruger SR1911 Handgun

Ruger SR1911 Handguns

New & Used Ruger SR1911 Handguns

Always accurate, always reliable and always 100% American made, Ruger SR1911 handguns (Series 70 design) are classic Ruger pistols that benefit from today’s modern technology and manufacturing.

The SR1911 is a single action, 45 ACP semi-automatic Ruger pistol with modern safety features, yet it remains one of the easiest handguns for takedown and reassembly.

Ruger LCP Pistols

Ruger LCP Pistols

New & Used Ruger LCP Pistols

The unique thing about the compact, 9.4 ounce Ruger LCP is that this lightweight pistol was designed as an affordable, all-day-carry firearm for use by both males and females.

This .38 auto LCP pistol can fit many types of conceal-carry holsters and is a favorite of many who are licensed to carry firearms for personal protection.

Ruger LC9 Pistols

Ruger LC9 Pistols

New & Used Ruger LC9 Pistols

Another favorite Ruger Firearm is the double action, compact Ruger LC9 pistol, which is only slightly larger than the Ruger LCP. The smooth edges of the locked-breech, hammer-fired LC9 make it very easy to draw and holster.

New & Used Ruger P95 Firearms

Durable, reliable and with a proven performance record that extends beyond a quarter century, the Ruger P95 firearm features unique high-visibility, fixed front and rear gun sights.

Ruger’s P95 pistols are highly serviceable yet proven performers. Expect many years of excellent, trouble-free service from this favorite.

Ask Us About Ruger Firearms

As a licensed Ruger dealer Midwest Guns can help you buy Ruger firearms online at a fair price. Whether you have Ruger firearms to sell or you are looking to buy Ruger firearms, we can help.

Our Lyons Illinois location also includes a public and private gun range plus we offer Ruger firearms training classes.

For more information about new and used Ruger firearms:

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