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Smith and Wesson Firearms Dealer

Smith and Wesson Firearms Dealer

Do you have Smith and Wesson model 60 pro, 642, 686, M&P or any other S&W arms for sale or are you looking for an online S&W firearms dealer to buy Swiss and Wesson handguns or shotguns?

Midwest Guns is a licensed Smith & Wesson Firearms Dealer. We buy and sell new and used Smith and Wesson shotguns and handguns.

The Smith & Wesson Firearms Company was founded in 1852 by Horace Smith and Daniel B. Wesson and is currently the largest handgun manufacturer in the United States.

Today, Smith and Wesson is a household name representing a combination of old world craftsmanship and computer driven technology to create firearms that meet or exceed the expectations of the most discriminating hand gun enthusiasts.

Smith & Wesson Handguns

Smith & Wesson handguns have been the choice of almost every major police department and military organization in the world at one time or another, a testimony to the level of craftsmanship, innovation and safety prevalent in all S&W firearms.

Champion and pro series S&W handguns have won Olympic medals, set world records and protected ordinary citizens.

From gun sport enthusiasts to the use of Smith and Wesson firearms in Hollywood movies, the exposure has helped S&W ammunition to enjoy almost as much celebrity as S&W handguns, pistols and revolvers.

New & Used Smith and Wesson Model 60 Pro

The .357 Magnum S&W model 60 Pro handgun is a .38 Special capable of 5 rounds. Model 60 Pro’s are stock single/double action S&W handguns in a ready to use package. S&W model 60 Pro handguns were designed for home and personal protection plus recreational use.

Smith and Wesson 642

Smith and Wesson 642

New & Used Smith and Wesson 642

These .38 special S&W 642 handguns are double action only, stock firearms with hidden hammer and are capable of 5 rounds. S&W 642 was designed for both personal protection and professional duty.



Smith and Wesson 686

Smith and Wesson 686

New & Used Smith and Wesson 686

This .357 Magnum .38 special S&W 686 handgun is a single/double action L-frame revolver with medium-exposed hammer and is capable of 6 (or 7) rounds. This satin stainless steel S&W firearm was designed for recreational use as well as home protection and professional duty.


Smith and Wesson M&P

Smith and Wesson M&P

New & Used Smith and Wesson M&P

Since their 2005 debut, Smith & Wesson M&P handguns have benchmarked a new standard in handgun reliability and safety. These polymer-framed M&P handguns are ergonomically designed with improved trigger weight and feel and have been warmly embraced by the law enforcement market.

In fact, Smith and Wesson specifically designed these firearms for military and police use (and for all those who serve and protect and put their lives on the line). These are also ideal S&W firearms for recreational and competitive use or for personal and home protection. Ask us about new and used Smith & Wesson M&P handguns including:

M&P 22 (.22LR) M&P 45 (.45acp)
M&P 9 (9mm) M&P 40 (.40S&W)
M&P 357 (.357 auto)

Ask Us About S&W Firearms

As a licensed Smith and Wesson dealer Midwest Guns can help you buy S&W firearms online at a fair price. Whether you have Smith & Wesson firearms to sell or you are looking to buy S&W firearms, we can help.

Midwest Guns in Lyons Illinois also offers Smith and Wesson firearms training classes at our public and private gun range facilities. For more information about Smith & Wesson firearms:

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