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Springfield Firearms Dealer

Springfield Firearms Dealer

Do you have Springfield Armory xd9, 1911, xd or 45 acp for sale or are you looking for an online dealer to buy Springfield Armory handguns and firearms?

Midwest Guns is a licensed Springfield Armory Firearms Dealer. We purchase new and used Springfield firearms plus we offer new and used Springfield Armory handguns for sale online and at our Lyons, Illinois location.

Springfield Armory Since 1777

In answer to a request by George Washington himself, Springfield Armory was formed more than 235 years ago right here in our Illinois State as a place for revolutionary weapons storage.

The government dissolved the Armory in 1968 but in 1974 the name was resurrected as the firearms manufacturer “Springfield Armory Inc.” with the company motto “The First Name in American Firearms””.

Since then, Springfield Armory has become one of America’s most respected gun manufacturers and the country’s leading marketer of imported firearms.

They are also noted for their leading edge arms design and advanced manufacturing techniques, winning the National Rifle Association’s “Gun of the Year” award an impressive four times in the past 35 years.

New & Used Springfield Armory XD Handguns

With the introduction of the Springfield Armory XD handguns in 2001, this firearms manufacturer set a whole new standard for eXtreme-duty handguns.

Gun enthusiasts and the firearms industry alike have come to truly appreciate the revolutionary ergonomic design and many consider the Springfield Armory XD as the best personal defense handgun on the market. XD’s include unique safety features such as:

  • Loaded Chamber Indicator
  • Striker Status Indicator
  • Grip Safety Firing
  • USA Ultra Safety Trigger System

These standard features can be found in all Springfield Armory XD handgun models including the XD 45 ACP, XD Compact, XD Sub-Compact and XD Tactical models.

Springfield Armory XDM

Springfield Armory XDM

New & Used Springfield XDm Handguns

Reliability, simplicity and ergonomics are all great designations for the single action Springfield Armory XDm handguns.

Designed to improve handling and tactile response, Springfield Armory’s XDm handguns have a reputation for intuitive operation and performance. These practical handguns are all about ergonomics and designed to fit comfortably in your hand.

Slip resistant slide serrations provide improved major grasp, plus these handguns feature the ideal grip angle with contoured grip textures for better control.

New & Used Springfield Armory XD 45 ACP Handguns

For an extended service life Springfield Armory designed the modern combat XD 45 handguns (aka 45 acp) to perform with low chamber pressure, light recoil and one of the lowest muzzle blasts of any handgun in its class.

These are ideal drop-proof handguns for personal carry, big-bore competitions or even home protection, winning high praises for safety, shooting accuracy and performance.

New & Used Springfield Armory XD9

The XD9 is considered to be one of the best home defense and concealed carry handguns on the market with a lighter, shorter and crisper trigger action. Springfield Armory’s polymer XD9 handles extremely well and could easily have been designed for use by shooters of smaller stature and for those with less shooting experience.

Springfield Armory 1911

Springfield Armory 1911

New & Used Springfield Armory 1911 Handguns

For the price, Springfield Armory 1911 handguns are excellent defensive firearms. They look great, they are extremely accurate at long distance shooting and they are very user friendly and reliable. Springfield 1911 handguns are often cited as the smoothest, most accurate pistol on the market.

Ask Us About Springfield Armory Firearms

As a licensed Springfield Armory firearms dealer Midwest Guns can help you buy Springfield handguns online at a fair price. Whether you have a Springfield Armory handgun to sell or you are looking to buy Springfield Armory pistols, our gun professionals can help.

Midwest Guns also offers Springfield Armory firearms training classes and public and private gun range facilities at our Lyons Illinois location. For more information about Springfield Armory firearms and handguns:

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