Blue Book of New & Used Gun Values

What is your gun worth?

Used gun values can be very subjective however Fjestad’s Blue Book of Gun Values 33rd Edition is without question the definitive resource for anyone looking for up-to-date new and used gun prices.

Fjestad's Blue Book of Gun Values

Used Gun Values

The expanded 33rd Edition provides a complete overview of blue book gun values for both new and used gun prices.

Check out the blue book of used gun values for:

  • Used Firearms
  • Antique Firearms
  • Modern Firearms
    (including older discontinued gun models)
  • Domestic Firearms
  • And Recent Imported Gun Makes and Models

You’ll find detailed information on each firearm model and make plus pricing and plenty of other gun related information to help you make an informed decision, whether you are buying or selling a used firearm.

We consider Fjestad’s Blue Book of Gun Values to be an invaluable and accurate reference book for used gun prices.

Detailed New & Used Firearms Information

Fjestad’s Blue Book of Gun Values 33rd Edition covers more firearms and includes exhaustive technical data on how to determine used gun values based on the firearm’s condition. You’ll also find information on:

  • Over 700 Gun Manufacturers
  • Prices for over 100,000 items
  • Firearm Make and Model
  • How to Identify Firearms by Serial Number and Proof Marks
  • Firearm Size Description
  • Type of Firearm Action
  • Gun Configuration
  • Descriptive Details About Each Firearm
  • Photographs
  • Tutorials to Determine Firearm Condition**

**Note that the tutorial also includes an 80-page section with color photos entitled “Photo Percentage Grading System” to help gun owners make an accurate assessment on the condition of their firearm, including most handguns, shotguns and rifles.

The Industry Standard for Used Gun Values

This blue book of gun values has been an industry standard for over 25 years; reliable, highly trusted and recommended for anyone hoping to determine new or used gun values.

Pawn shops, gun shops, gun collectors, gun industry professionals and most of the major insurance companies all rely on this valuable resource to accurately determine used gun values when buying or selling firearms.

The gun blue book is also valuable for understanding the history behind the development and manufacturing of each unique firearm.

Used by firearms dealers and individuals alike, Fjestad’s Blue Book of Gun Values is a bible, a definite “must have” firearms resource book for any serious gun enthusiast or collector wanting the most accurate and up-to-date pricing for used firearms.

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For the most accurate and most up-to-date information on used gun prices check out Fjestad’s Blue Book of Gun Values  33rd Edition, the world’s bestselling reference book on used gun values.

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