Dog Walking Services Nyc

Next time you go to work, you won’t have to feel bad about leaving your dog home alone for extended periods of time if you contract Benterprise Dog Walks’ famous dog walking services in NYC. For roughly what you spend on lunch each day, you can employ a professional, certified, and highly-trained dog walker to walk your dog and provide a little TLC while you’re away. We’ll go exploring together, let your dog go potty (Yes, we’ll clean up after them), and give them an outlet to burn off some of the pent-up energy they experience in-home.

You Can Trust Us with Your Dog

All of our dog walkers are highly rated and trustworthy. We encourage all of our prospective clients to rigorously screen and perform background checks during the interview process whether it’s us or another dog walker you’re thinking about hiring. For now, you can rest assured that you can trust all of our dog walkers in your home and with your dog. Please, search Benterprise Dog Walks online, and you won’t find even one bad review. We are professional, prompt, reliable, and safety-oriented at all times.

Are You Sick or Recovering from an Injury and Need Someone to Walk Your Dog Temporarily?

If you have been injured or are sick, it may be a real challenge for you to get out and walk your dogs yourself. Fortunately, you can let us do it for you. We love working with dogs and dogs love working with us. We provide a number of customizable dog walking and dog sitting packages to suit every need and every budget.

Going Outside, Exploring, and Working Off Energy is a Natural Way of Life for a Dog

Whether you have one, two, three or more dogs, you must realize that living in an apartment in Manhattan is not a normal life to a dog. Further; for a dog (or dogs) to be alone for extended periods without the ability to exercise, roam, and socialize, is even a more abnormal lifestyle for them. It is a dog’s nature to be outdoors, explore, smell things, and burn calories. Small dogs and large dogs both have massive amounts of energy (barring some breeds), and even short dog walks are not sufficient for them. Dogs need aggressive walks, runs, and hunts to be balanced.

Your Dog Needs to Expend His/Her Energy

What happens when a dog stays cooped up indoors is that they find different outlets to releasing their massive of amounts of inherent energy. If you live in a condominium or in an apartment in Manhattan, those outlets can be quite destructive. Chewing, pottying, barking, scratching, and aggressive behavior are some of the most common ways that pent-up dogs release their energy in-home. Hiring Benterprise Dog Walks for dog walking services in NYC can lead to a more relaxed dog at home. Your guests, your neighbors, and your landlord will appreciate the change.

Dog Walking Services Nyc

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Dog Walking Services Nyc

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