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Are you looking for a distinctive golf cart that suits your style as well as needs? No worries, Cary Cart Company can provide you with leading cart models that executes the exact envisioned design that you desire through our extensive customization approach to maximize the fulfillment capacity of our products.

Our specialty service involves cart conversion options, street legal LSVS, and beach type rentals. We ensure to provide uniquely comfortable, cost-effective, and revolutionized quality and performance of gold carts that suits various necessities and preference. Clients can also make sure that purchased car models come in new batteries because we do not want to compromise the quality and capacity of each product that we cater to.

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For our wide variety of styles and models, we have the business type and the personal types of designs that you can take advantage of. Aside from that, we also cater maintenance service as well as repair with the aid of our expert technicians who are fully trained to assist your technical needs. This service is readily available at Bald Head and Raleigh areas and you can actually request their service through our website or through the phone.

On the other hand, we have three locations for golf cart rentals near me that offer beach rentals which are Bald Head Island, the Raleigh complex hunt horse, and the ocean isle. There is a $20 fee if you want to cancel any type of reservations, however, there is no refund if the cancellation is delivered or requested in the actual date of reservations. If you have any child with you, you may also bring a child seat to be utilized on the golf carts.

Also, if you are planning to purchase carts instead of renting, you may choose from our wide array of cart products that range from various range of passenger capacity (2 to 4), availability of flip seats, car color (black, matte silver, graphite, sapphire, seafoam), and rim sizes (from 10 to 14”). These product varieties are offered based on location.

Moreover, we also cater to golf carts that can legally run in the street. Hence, there are few things that should be considered: all carts which are street legal are not allowed to be gasoline powered since the federal law only allows low-speed vehicles to be electric; all street legal types should have a speed capacity of 20 to 25 miles/ per hour; safety inspection will be provided upon purchase but after that year, it will already be your responsibility.

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If you are interested to access our rental services, you may visit the Cary Cart Company website at in order to view the necessary procedure of renting and you may also register on the online form to send your messages or inquiries. For rental services, you call us at 910 457 7333. Bald Head Island is open at 8:30 AM to 4 PM (Mondays to Saturdays) and 10:30 AM to 4 PM (Sundays) while Ocean Isle is still closed until the end of spring 2019. For other service queries or requests, you also call 910 239 0859 and you can easily talk with our very responsive customer service.

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Golf Cart Rentals Near Me

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