gun shooting range IllinoisPractice at the indoor gun shooting range in Illinois where locals can shoot at affordable all-day and hourly rates. If you’ve been looking for a new indoor range, consider Midwest Guns. Monday through Thursday rates for all-day shooting are only $20, or $15 when you make a $10 or more ammo purchase.

If you’re not totally satisfied with the range where you’re currently shooting, stop by Midwest Guns and discover why so many locals call their indoor range home. If you thought shooting at an indoor range was confining, we invite you to take a closer look at the benefits you’ll enjoy by practicing at Midwest Guns’ indoor shooting range:

– An indoor range is the only guarantee you’ll be protected from inclement weather when you want to practice. We can all attest to how unpredictable Illinois weather can be. Midwest Guns is open 7 days a week and will provide you with the greatest advantage over an outdoor range, regardless of the time of year.

While experts agree there are advantages of outdoor practicing as well, there is no substitute for being able to shoot in a safe environment any time the mood strikes you.

– Procuring immediate feedback is essential to any shooter looking to improve their skills. Shooting indoors on a paper target provides the most effective means of obtaining that feedback. We recommend bringing masking tape with you to tape your target after every 10 shots or so to get a better feel for where you’re actually shooting- otherwise bad shots are difficult to note and cannot easily be improved upon.

– Practicing outdoors in a serene location may be good for the nerves, but it will do nothing to improve your focus and attention to the mental disciplines of marksmanship. Loud shots on either side of you make an ideal environment for anyone looking to improve more than just their shooting abilities.

Midwest’s gun shooting range in Chicago, Illinois is where locals come to practice. With an impressive inventory of available handguns on site, you can rent a single gun for $10 or multiple guns for just $15, with unlimited exchanges included in the cost. Stop by Monday through Friday to make the most out of your multiple gun rental and enjoy all-day shooting at one low cost. If you’re interested in shooting a specific make or model, call Midwest Guns at 708-447-4848 ahead of time to verify that the gun you have in mind is available.

Take the advice of expert marksmen and plan out your upcoming session at the gun range by printing out and bringing along a practice plan that will maximize on your time and ammo. Learn how dry-firing your weapon can save on ammo and improve your skills by incorporating dry-fire and live fire techniques into your session that will ensure every live round fired will be to your advantage.

For more information, or to schedule a session on the most popular indoor gun shooting range in Illinois, call Midwest Guns at 708-447-4848. gun shooting range Illinois

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