Would you be interested in a marina franchise opportunity that’s been ranked in the Entrepreneur Franchise 500? A marina franchise that went up 40% in 2017 alone? If you want to be part of an awesome franchise opportunity that you will love being a part of and that offers a significant ROI, you’re in the right place now. Freedom Boat Club has franchise opportunities across the United States, and we’d like to invite you to explore further.

What is Freedom Boat Club?

Freedom Boat Club was founded in 1989 and has grown into an impressive brand with franchises from Maine to Texas. With the emergence of the sharing economy, the boat club is an ideal opportunity for people seeking viable franchises. Freedom Boat Club has experienced unprecedented growth in both membership sales and franchise sales over the last five years. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that the franchise investment itself is surprisingly affordable as far as franchises are concerned. It has a minimum employment requirement, and we have wholesale financing in place to finance your fleet of boats.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Our Marina Franchise Opportunities?

Freedom Boat Club is the perfect franchise opportunity for individuals who are looking for an owner-operator franchise model. Our most successful franchisees are passionate boaters with an entrepreneurial spirit. Freedom Boat Club is a well-designed franchise with a proven formula that works. Our team provides all of the ongoing training and support necessary for each franchisee’s success. If you’re ready to launch a boating business that will make big waves, Freedom Boat Club could be right for you.

What Benefits for the Members Does Freedom Boat Club Provide?

Freedom Boat Club is an alternative to boat ownership. Members join our club and gain access to an impressive fleet of boats that can be used as much as they want, whenever they want. One of the big advantages that Freedom Boat Club gives to its members is convenience. Most of the time spent on boating for boat owners is in pre-trip and post-trip preparation and cleaning. At Freedom Boat Club, we take care of all of the nitty gritty for our members so that all they have to do is show up at the dock, hop in their boat, and go. When they’re done, they give us the keys back and walk away. In addition to convenience, members have access to a large variety of boats for any occasion or need.


Contact Freedom Boat Club Today Regarding Franchise Inquiries

At Freedom Boat Club, we want all of our franchisees to be successful. For this reason, we provide unlimited, never-ending support for our marina franchise. We can help you sort out any problems you encounter, answer any questions you have, and help you succeed. The best way to get ahold of us is on our website or call us on our 800 number wherever you’re at. We’d love to talk to you. Our operators are standing by.